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Herbs for Excessive sweating

Sweating is healthy. However, increased perspiration is themanner in which the body regulates the water and mineral content, whileregulating body temperature and removing toxins from the system through theskin. Sweating is the action caused due to sweat glands.

Although it is normal to sweat more during hot weather,exercise, and fever, as a means to regulate body temperature, some people areprone to excessive sweating, due to their natural constitution. Other factorsthat cause excessive sweating are stress, anxiety, obesity, alcoholconsumption, hyperthyroidism, hypoglycemia, menopause, AIDS, Hodgkin’s diseaseand tuberculosis.

Although sweating is a healthy reaction of the body to getrid of toxins, if there is no definite cause for excessive sweating, the symptomscan be alleviated through treatment with medicinal herbs.


 The herb has acalming action on the sweat-producing nerve fibers. The herb gets into actionof suppression of perspiration after about two hours of taking sage juice,tincture or tea, and the effect lasts for days. About 4tbsp. (20 sage leaves)should be added to two cups of water and brought to a boil, and kept in simmerfor five minutes. Strain and drink every evening.

Sage, Horsetail and Valerian: Mix together 5 tbsp. of sageleaves, one tbsp. each of valerian root and horsetail, and pour a cup ofboiling water over 1 tbsp. of this mixture, and then boil again. Strain anddrink one cup everyday, or as per requirement.

Tormentil root, oak bark, witch hazel, walnut leaves andeucalyptus: Bathe feet and hands in equal parts of these herbs. Add 5 tbsp. ofthis mixture to 2 qt. of water and boil for five minutes. Strain and add 1 qt.of cold water.

Nettle leaves, strawberry leaves, sage, walnut leaves: Use 2parts each of stinging nettle leaves and wild strawberry leaves, with 3 partseach of sage leaves and walnut leaves. Add a cup of boiling water to 1 tsp. ofthis mixture and drink at bed time.

Dried hops, nettle, rose, strawberry, walnut and sageleaves: Boil four cups of water, add a tsp. each of dried stinging nettle,dried hops, fresh or dried strawberry leaves, fresh rose petals, fresh walnutleaves and 3 tsp. of dried sage leaves. Remove from heat, and allow it to steepfor an hour. Strain and sweeten it with honey if necessary.

Peppermint, lemon balm and fennel seeds: For anxiety relatedsweating, drink tea made of lemon balm, fennel seeds and peppermint at bedtime.


 Reduces excesssweating and balances the sweat response by increasing or decreasing sweatingas needed.

Schisandra Berry:

 Astringing inactivity reduces night sweats and inappropriate sweating.

Few other herbs useful in treating excessive sweating areAsparagus, White Peony root, Osha, Schizonepeta, and Rehmannia.

Lavender, Rose orOrange oil:

 If excessive sweatingcauses odor problems, add few drops of antibacterial Chinese peppermint oil tothe bath water, or add two drops each of rose, lavender or orange essential oilto bath water for a pleasant fragrance.

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