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Health Benefits of Exercise

Health benefits of exercise are considered for enhancing thephysical activeness. Being active and doing regular bodily exercises canprevent major chronic diseases such as heart problems, diabetes, high bloodpressure, back pain, osteoporosis, joint pains, obesity, and even some forms ofcancer. For best health benefits, medical experts advise people to performminimum half an hour of aerobic exercise at least 2 to 3 times in a week. Youmay also do half an hour of good physical activity in a day.

Health benefits of exercise ensure physical and mental humanhealth. It boosts up the immunity system and promotes proper sugar levels inblood. It is good for normal functioning of bones and protection againstosteoporosis. Risks of high blood pressure, heart ailments and even cancer arereduced with good regular dose of exercise. A balanced diet and daily exercisemay do wonders for your over all health and fitness. According to the AmericanCollege of Sports Medicine, 30-minutes exercise schedule everyday is capable ofkeeping a person fit.


The Physical and Mental Activities that Really Counts:

Most of the people believe that only vigorous forms ofexercise and playing outdoor sports could be called as a healthy exercise. But,reports suggest that even regular mundane activities such as cleaning thehouse, brisk walking, moving the lawn, sweeping, washing clothes and utensilscan be termed as forms of exercise. The main aim is to stay fit and activethroughout your life.

You need not join a gym or do marathons in order to stayphysically fit. Mental activities can involve doing some crossword puzzles,reading newspapers, helping your child in his/her homework, calculating yourbills in your mind instead of reaching for the calculator. The Researchers at DukeUniversity have studied and concluded that regular exercise is helpful intreating depression.


Everyday ActivitiesInclude:

Walking up the stairs.

Walking to the stores instead of using any vehicle.

Doing maximum daily housework by yourself in place of a maidservant.

Attending to gardening.

Taking a brisk early morning walk or in late evenings.

Attending dance classes.


 Doing regularphysical is immensely beneficial for health. Some of the health benefits ofexercise are as follows:

Heart Diseases:

 Regular physicalexercise strengthens the heart muscle, lowers LDL levels, improves the bloodflow to the heart and prevents heart disorders.


Daily dose of physical activity considerably reduces bodyfats, uses up excess calories and in general controls the body from putting onweight.

Back Pain:

Exercise improves the muscular strength, helps you maintaingood posture, reduces fat levels, and thus prevents back pain and relatedconditions.

Better Sleep:

Good exercise regime helps you sleep faster and get goodquality deep sleep without any dream sequences. The natural downscale in bodytemperature after a strenuous physical workout may help you fall asleep faster.

Sex Life

: Daily exercise could help you get energized and can havegood positive result on your dull sex life. Exercise improves blood circulationand better sex performance. In recent studies, it has been found that men whodo regular work outs are less prone to sex related problems such as erectiledysfunction.


 If you are feelingdepressed, then a good round of physical exercise can stimulate the brainnerves and make you feel elevated, relaxed and happier. You can feel reallybetter after an exercise session. It helps boost confidence levels and reducesundue stress.

Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do it outof force; a ballroom dance session is also a form of exercise. Going trekking,fooling around in your child’s play garden or just dancing in therain-everything counts as a healthy physical work out.

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