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Home Remedies for Addiction to Alcohol

Home remedies for addiction include consumption of grapes,bitter gourd, apples, celery, dates, almonds, evening primrose, ginseng, milkthistle, dandelion, skullcap, licorice roots, fruit juices and balanceddiet.  Home remedies for addiction toalcohol have proven their essence in many cases all over the world. Thoughalcohol is one of the most common causes of many fatal diseases like livercirrhosis, it continues to be the favorite beverage of people. While severealcohol addiction needs specialized treatments, one can also follow simple homebased remedies as well. There are many popular home remedies for addiction,which include some of the following:



 It is one of the mostpopular and effective home remedies for controlling alcoholic addiction.Whenever you feel like having a drink take a glass of grape juice or eat fewgrapes. As grapes contain the purest form of alcohol making agent in them,these serve as great alternative for alcoholics. Grapes are rich in potassium,which maintains an alkaline blood balance besides stimulating the kidneys.Grapes have astonishing cleansing power in removing toxins from liver and issaid to reduce the chances of cancer. The well known book Hepatology by ErwinKuntz, Hans-Dieter Kuntz also brings out grapes as one of the most effectivecures of addiction to alcohol.


Bitter Gourd:


 Take some bittergourd juice mixed with butter milk every morning to curb addiction. The juiceobtained from the leaves of bitter gourd is a good cure for alcohol inducedaddiction. In addition, bitter gourd juice has the capacity to repair thedamaged liver cells.

Apples: Apples have been age old remedies to cure addiction.Apples not just remove the toxins caused due to alcohol consumption, but alsoreduce the urge to consume hard drink regularly.



 Celery is anexcellent home remedy against addiction as the juice obtained from celery makesthe alcoholics sober. It must be mixed with water and consumed daily for over amonth for best results.



 Dates are easilyaccessible and are quite effective in curing alcoholic addiction. Rubbed datesin water consumed daily can make a significant improvement in the addiction ofpeople suffering from this disorder.



 Eat a sandwich madeout of salami and butter on ciabatta bread, which would absorb a fair amount ofalcohol from body.

Raw Almonds: These are useful in reducing addiction causedby alcohol.

Evening Primrose: Many herbs such as evening primrose aretime tested home remedies to prevent addiction. The oil extracted from theseeds of evening primrose can greatly reduce the cravings for alcohol.




 Both American andAsian ginseng can easily break down the alcohol in your body and flush out thetoxins. Research studies have also proved that Ginseng can reduce the rate ofalcohol absorption from your stomach.


Milk Thistle:

 This herb is anexcellent home remedy in treating the liver diseases caused by alcoholism. Thisherb enhances the liver functions apart from repairing the damage caused to theliver. More popular as a liver tonic, Milk Thistle has the active ingredient ofsilymarin, which can repair the damage caused by alcohol or drug addiction,hepatitis, toxins among others.



 It is another popularhome remedy, which enables you to reduce the ill effects of alcoholism apartfrom rejuvenating the liver tissues. Dandelion also facilities the normalproduction of bile and stimulates its flow. It contains polysaccharide insulin,which enhances the body immunity and the production of white blood cells.



 This herb is commonlyused to manage the withdrawal symptoms of alcoholism.

Licorice Root: It is a powerful antioxidant and antibodystimulator, which improves the overall functioning of the respiratory and liverfunctions. It is used as an effective home remedy in fighting alcoholicaddiction.


Licorice Root is regarded as an important herb for treatingkidney ailments and is also recommended for the liver and respiratorytract.  Licorice Root's antioxidant,antiviral, and antibody-stimulating properties make it a liver protectant anddetoxifier.

Fruit Juices: Include lots of juices in your diet as it cancontrol the craving for consuming hard drinks.

Take a Balanced Diet: A balanced diet, which encompasses allessential nutrients such as vegetables, cereals, whole grains, nuts and sproutsamong others, is beneficial. Avoid eating too much white flour, strongcondiments, meat and sugar.

Timeless Words of Wisdom: True to the adage “prevention isbetter than cure” and the same holds true for alcohol addiction as well. Neverstart this habit and maintain a healthy life style with adequate exercise, wellcomplemented by a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

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