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Health Benefits of Dates

Health benefits of dates are uncountable, as this fruit isaffluent in natural fibres. Dates are even rich in several vitamins andminerals. These natural products contain oil, calcium, sulphur, iron,potassium, phosphorous, manganese, copper and magnesium which are advantageousfor health. It is said that consumption of one date daily is necessary for abalanced and healthy diet. Dates help in fighting constipation, intestinaldisorders, weight gain, heart problems, sexual weakness, diarrhoea and abdominalcancer.

Health benefits of dates have made them the best nourishmentfor muscles development. People consume dates in several ways, like mixing thepaste of the dates with milk, yoghurt or with bread or butter to make the foodtasty and healthy. This paste is beneficial for both adults and children,especially during the time of recovery. According to the modern medicinesurvey, it is known that dates are useful in preventing abdominal cancer. It isalso seen that many Muslims break their fast by eating dates and wateraccording to their traditions. Breaking fast with eating dates helps us toavoid overeating of the food after the fast. When the body absorbs thenutritional value of the dates, the feeling of hunger gets pacified.

Dates are termed as a crown of sweets and ideal food whicheasily balances and digests food. It gives extra energy to a tired human bodywithin half an hour after taking it. Dates are considered to be the best dietfor confinement of the women. American Cancer Society recommends intake of20-35 grams of dietary fibre in a day, supplied through dates. It is said thattaking one date in a day will help you to maintain your healthy eyes for yourlifetime. They are quiet effective in guarding the night blindness problems.


Benefits of dates



 Date is termed to be a laxative food. This isthe reason that dates are beneficial for people suffering from constipation.For getting the laxative effect from dates, you need to soak dates for one fullnight in water. You should consume these soaked dates in the morning like syrupto get their actual advantages.

Intestinal Disorders:

 The nicotinic content that is presentin the dates is said to be beneficial for curing any kinds of intestinaldisorders. Continuous intake of dates helps to maintain a check on the growthof the pathological organisms and thus, helps in the rise of friendly bacteriain the intestines.

Weight Gain:

 Dates are said to be a part of healthy diet.They consist of sugar, fats, proteins as well as many essential vitamins. Ifthe dates are consumed with the paste of cucumber, one can easily come out fromthe problem of over-slimming. One kilogram of dates contains almost 3,000calories. These calories alone are sufficient to meet the daily requirements ofa human body.

Healthy Heart:

 Dates are quite helpful in maintaining yourheart in a healthy condition. When soaked for a night and crushed in themorning and consumed, they prove to be quite advantageous for weak hearts. Theyhelp in fortifying the heart, if taken twice in a week.



Sexual Weakness:

Dates are even beneficial for increasingsexual stamina in the human body. A handful of dates, when soaked in freshgoat's milk for the night and then grinded in the same milk with the mixture ofcardamom powder and honey, becomes a very useful tonic for increasing sexendurance and sterility caused due to functional disorders.

Diarrhea: Ripe dates contain potassium. Potassium isbeneficial for controlling diarrhea. They are easily digestible, which helps tocope up with the problems of diarrhea.


 Dates are known as an excellent remedy foralcoholic intoxication. Dates provide quick relief in the case of alcoholicintoxication. They should be rubbed and soaked overnight for getting morenutritious values from them.

Abdominal Cancer: Dates are beneficial for curing abdominalcancer. They work as useful tonic for all age groups. They work as better asthe medicines, and are natural and do not bear any side effects in the body.They can be easily digested and used for supplying extra and needed energy.

Although dates carry tremendous nutritional values, greatcare should be taken in their selection because they consists of sticky surfacewhich attracts various impurities in them. Hence, you should consume only thosedates that are processed and packed properly. Make sure to wash them thoroughlybefore consuming. This will help remove the impurities present in them.

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