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Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals
The most common problem of today seems to be that of obesity. You search thenet, buy books, read magazines, watch health based TV shows, just to knowhow to lose weight. You know you should drink a lots of water, eat smallermeals five times a day, include more of fruits and vegetables in your diet,cut back on carbohydrates and sweets, take herbal products to increase your metabolism, do exercises- walking, running, swimming, cycling- anything that will melt your fats down. However, when itcomes to actually losing your weight, nothing seems to do wonders.

Ifanyhow, you stick to your schedule and complete all your targets, you loseweight but as soon as you come out of your strict “starving”schedule to a mild “starving” schedule, you again put on weight.Puzzled about what is going wrong? Lets try to figure out some “not socommon” facts about weight loss that might help you remain slim on aconsistent basis. Be aware that these are not substitutes of your weightloss program, but enhancer of the same!

Now Use Internet Differently to Lose Weight!
Enough searching for tips to lose weight, use Internet and its manycreative and unique resources to help you lose weight.

Bet you'll lose weight: Find out websites that help you takechallenges. Bet on them, whether you can lose weight and get in shape. Whenyour money's at stake, you will definitely do it! Won't you? Some sites alsolet bettors challenge each other. Bet that you'll beat someone else atachieving your goal weight. These sites assist you track each participant'sprogress and reward you for hitting your goals.

Tweet what you eat: The website with the same name offers a simplefood diary that lets you track your food and weight on the Web or yourmobile using Twitter. If you don't include calories as part of the tweet,the site fills them in for you using its food calorie database. It alsogives daily reminders if you forget to update your diary. Such many otherwebsites help you watch what you're eating.

Make online weight-loss friends: A University of Vermont study saysthat online weight-loss buddies help you keep weight off. The volunteers inthe research program who were assigned to an Internet-based weightmaintenance program sustained their weight loss better than those who usedface-to-face support groups.

Keep Your Taste Buds Satisfied!
Baked, boiled food; raw fruits and vegetables- all said and done for losingweight- you also need to keep your taste buds alive and satisfied! Now youknow the reason for those hunger pangs when you forget all your weight lossplans and binge on that junk food!

Take a weekly “high calorie – low calorie” treat: Nowwhat is this “high calorie – low calorie” treat? These foodsdon't give the feeling of deprivation and they are categorized as highcalorie food but down in the chart ( lesser calories than the more highercalorie foods). For example- just 83 calories in 85 grams of Lobster, just60 calories in 12 large Shrimp, just 66 calories in 57 grams of smokedsalmon and just 8 calories in one tablespoon of whipped cream that can bedropped over a bowl of fresh fruit for dessert. You can even take a spoonfulof ice cream on this bowl of fruits or a little cheese with a lots of saladbut remember- only once in a week!

Use smaller and dark colored plates: Colors have impact on appetitetoo. Dark blue kills your appetite. So go for such plates to eat in.Remember not to buy red, orange and yellow ones, they will just throw yourappetite out of control- just think of those big fast food chains and thecolors of their logos all in red- were they so foolish, not to researchbefore finalizing their logo colors? Anyway, when you go for your weeklytreat to these restaurants, remember to order half of your food to be packedeven before it is served. This way you'll get two treats- one for themorning breakfast! Anyway, only half of these high calorie food is enough tofeed you for once.

Watch Your Drinks!
Its good that you drink a lots of water but what about other drinks youconsume? Do you keep watch on them along with what you eat? Probably no! Younever thought that drinks too can contribute calories that you are soconfidently losing by eating low calorie foods.

Carbonated drinks, add to your calories: For every 20 ounces of yourfavorite cola, you are taking in 250 calories. Several glasses a day andabout 1000 liquid calories enter your body. Simple soda too can do what acola can do to your weight loss program- ruin it!

Diet drinks, not safe either: Now you might be thinking of going fordiet colas or soda instead of colas. A study published in a medical journalsaid (way back in 1980s when the safety issue of artificial sweeteners wasbeing debated) that artificial sweeteners cause increase in appetite. Morerecently, some health studies too have suggested that they actually increasecravings for sweet foods.

Relax Yourself and Reduce Weight!
And as the saying goes “old is gold,” with adopting all the newways to lose weight, also listen to ayurveda which suggests massage as anexcellent way to reduce weight. It increases metabolism and helps fatabsorption but only when done by expert hands. So find some goodAyurveda treatment Centers and relax yourself while they help you reduce yourweight!
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