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How to Get Pearl White Teeth Naturally
A smile is said to be the most easiest and impressive way of breaking ice between two individuals. It not only makes one attractive but also renders beauty to even the most ordinary of faces. Though smile becomes a problem if your teeth are discolored or pale in shade. So what can be done to have shiny white teeth? Mentioned under are few natural tips to get pearl white teeth. Check them out:
Teeth Enemies


The foremost thing to remember is the golden rule of oral care - BRUSH your teeth EVERYDAY. Also, make sure you wash your mouth after every meal. Using a teeth whitening toothpaste can also help.

Avoid Stains

Teeth stains can be very difficult to remove without a chemically strong whiting product hence, it is better to avoid stains by restricting the intake of tea and coffee. Also go easy on alcohol and smoking to ensure white teeth.


It is a wonderful fruity remedy to enhance teeth whiteness. Just eat strawberries or mash them into a paste and brush with it to clean the teeth surface. Strawberries are rich in particular acids and seeds that are instrumental in damaging the mouth germs. Make sure you brush gently without much pressure

Baking Soda

Baking soda contains mild abrasive particles that helps in teeth whitening. All you need to do is use a bit of it with your toothpaste each time you brush.

Crunchy Vegetables

Eating crunchy vegetables like carrots, broccoli, cucumber and celery etc. can actually act as a toothbrush while eating as they are abrasive in nature. The to-and fro motion of these vegetables inside the mouth while chewing, help in cleaning the teeth surface naturally.


Salt is a natural antiseptic and teeth whitener. In case you have nothing of the above mentioned, just add a little salt to your toothpaste every time you brush. Else wise, try brushing with a pinch of salt mixed with a drop of mustard oil for naturally healthy and white denture.

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