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5 Tips For Shiny Hair
 Shiny hair are the obvious reflection of healthy hair. Every single person, be it male or female love to have shiny healthy hair that naturally help in complementing their overall look and appearance. Mentioned under are 5 simple ways to add shine to your hair without the use of hair shine products. Check them out:

1- Cold Water

Cold water is instrumental in closing the hair cuticle thus, making it reflect light rather than absorbing it. Though, it does not mean that you need to freeze yourself in cold shower. You can indeed enjoy your warm bath but to make your shiny, just pour a mug of cold water on your hair after the bath. This would smooth down the hair cuticles and allow a shiny mane.

2- Shampoo

It is extremely important to opt for the right shampoo. There are a number of factors that end up in hair dryness like chemically treated hair or the use of blow dryer. Thus, you would first need to identify the problem and counteract it with a suitable hair product; specialized shampoo.

3- Balanced Diet

Hair are an essential part of our body hence, we need to watch our eating habits for healthy hair. A simple equation applies to get shiny hair i.e 'Eat healthy = Get Healthy Hair'. Shiny hair call for essential oils in body, thus, make sure you have a diet that is rich in Vitamin E. Foods like nuts, olives, spinach, asparagus, green leafy vegetables and avocado are Vitamin E enriched and should be a part of the regular diet for healthy black hair. Besides, water intake is also very important for well hydrated and soft hair.

4- Hair Brushing

Brushing the hair is an probably the most easiest way to add shine to the hair. It so happens that while brushing, scalp tends to release natural oils that help in adding shine to hair. Thus, frequent brushing can work wonders for hair shine and hair care. Use a boar bristled hair brush as it evenly spreads the oil from root to tip and also removes unwanted dead hair.

5- Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the ultimate home remedy to add shine to the hair. Just fill in a spray bottle with vinegar and spray it generously on wet hair. Leave it for few minutes and then rinse it off. Repeat this tip for a couple of weeks after every wash and get shimmering results over a period of time.
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