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Ayurveda can prevent AIDS

Ayurveda can help in preventing AIDS by strengthening the body’s defence system through herbs and a supplementary code of conduct, doctors at a recent meeting of international policymakers on HIV here, said. “Apart from ‘Achaar Rasayan’ (code of conduct), the ancient system of Indian medicine provides for a whole range of herbs for the prevention of AIDS through strengthening the immune system,” Naveen Gupta, president of Ashtvaidyan Ayurveda, an NGO of Ayurvedics, told the International Policy Makers Conference on HIV/AIDS ‘Towards a world without AIDS’, which concluded here recently.

Some of the herbs found useful in the prevention process included amla ( Emblica officinalis ), bala ( Sida cordifolia ), haritaki ( Terminalia chabula ), nirgundi ( Vitex nirgundo ) and amrita ( Tinospora wedifolia ), Gupta said.


The code of conduct or Ayurveda lifestyle prohibits organised commercial sex or even casual sex with unknown partners, he said. “The basis of Ayurveda lies in prevention, strengthening the body’s defence system and self-repair mechanism to enable the individual to resist the disease process,” he said.

Gupta said the goal of Ayurveda was to preserve health, prevent disease and promote longevity of life with the help of prescribed regimen of diet and lifestyle including sex behaviour pattern. “The prevention of AIDS benefits no one except the patients,” he said, adding, cure only benefits pharmaceutical lobbies and health maintenance organisations

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