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Health Benefits of Milk


Health benefits of milk include good bone health, smoothskin, strong immune system, prevention of illnesses such as hypertension,dental decay, dehydration, respiratory problems, obesity, osteoporosis and evensome forms of cancer. The beneficial health nutrients obtained from milk aremandatory for human body and help in prevention of chronic ailments.

The nutritional value of milk have always influenced peopleall over the world to include it in diet. Addition of milk in your daily dietcan also help in achieving a well-balanced diet. Milk is an ideal source ofnutrients such as vitamin A & B, calcium, carbohydrate, phosphorous,magnesium, protein, zinc and riboflavin. The Teagasc Dairy Products ResearchCentre at Moorepark, Fermoy has reported recent research on the utility of milkin neutralizing cholesterol content in the body.


Many animals do provide us with this vital health substance,but cow’s milk is considered the best wholesome supplement for children as wellas adults. Milk of other animals buffalo, goat, sheep, camel, reindeer and yak.Milk of horse and donkey is also consumed by humans, though this is rare.

The health benefits of milk can be achieved from milkdirectly or its products such as cheese, butter, curd, clarified butter or ghee,dairy whitener, ice cream, cottage cheese or paneer, flavored milk, milk sweetsetc. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has clearly mentioned in itsDietary Guidelines to include milk and milk products in the diet.


Deficiency Symptoms:Milk deficiency can cause severe anemia, osteoporosis and other relatedillnesses. Milk consumption is very essential to maintain good health and doingnormal activities. It is the best source of calcium for all age groups.


Benefits: Milk isextremely beneficial drink for mankind. Some of the advantages of drinking thislife-giving nectar are as follows:


Calcium: Milk isthe best source of calcium supply to our body. Calcium protects the body frommajor chronic ailments such as cancerous chemicals, bone loss, arthriticcondition, migraine headaches, pre-menstrual syndrome, and obesity in childrenand aids in losing unwanted fats.

Healthy Bones: Asmentioned above, milk is rich in calcium, which is very essential for growthand proper development of strong bone structure. Bone disorders such asosteoporosis can be prevented with daily intake of adequate quantity of milk.Children deprived of cow milk have an increased chance of bone fractures wheninjured.

Healthy Teeth:Encouraging children and youngsters to drink milk would give them excellentdental health, as milk protects the enamel surface against acidic substances.Drinking milk for energy and health would dissuade children from consuming softdrinks, thus reducing the risk of decayed teeth and weak gums.

Rehydration:Fluids are an integral part of human body. The body needs to be replenishedwith liquids at regular intervals. It is very essential for growing childrenand they must drink at least six to eight glasses of fluid every day. Milkcontains a good quantity of water molecules and is considered the best fluidfor rehydration.


 Skin Care: Have you heard of Cleopatra, the Queen of Nile? She wasconsidered one of the most beautiful women of all times. Well you will besurprised if I tell you that Cleopatra used to have a milk bath daily! She usedto mix honey and milk and take a bath daily enabling her maintain soft andbeautiful skin. Since thousands of years, milk is known to benefit our skin byhelping us maintain a fair and smooth complextion. Hence, even today milk andmilk products are used in a number of cosmetic preparations. Milk is also goodfor dry skin. If you have a dry skin apply milk on your face (and other bodyparts), leave it for about 15 minutes and then wash it. The milk solids nourishand smoothen your skin. The lactic acid present in milk is known to aid inremoving the dead skin cells, thereby rejuvenating your skin.

Improving Diet andVitamin Intake: According to medical research, drinking milk considerablyimproves our intakes of vital minerals and vitamins. A man who consumes acarton of whole milk doubles his chances of fulfilling calcium requirement perday, whereas, another person consuming a can of fizzy or carbonated drink mayin reality lower his calcium levels by one third percent.

Acidity Reduction: Consumption of milk products can alsohelp in reducing acidity

Wholesome Food: It contains a whole lot of vitamins andminerals to keep you fit, healthy and strong. A glassful of milk containsvitamin A & B for good eyesight and increasing RBC count, carbohydrates forvitality and energy, potassium for proper nerve function, magnesium formuscular function, phosphorous for energy release, protein for body repair andgrowth.

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