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Herbal Vitamin Supplements

Human body requires vitamins for remaining healthy, and abalanced diet usually gives most of the vitamins that is essential to remainhealthy. While most people get enough vitamins through diet, and do not requirea supplement, elderly people and kids who do not eat enough, may benefit fromvitamin supplements.

Research indicates that during stress or illness, the bodyuses up more vitamins than required and hence, individuals who are busy feeltired by the end of the day. Hence diet should be given special attention, or avitamin supplement needs to be taken regularly. Natural, being the best, herbalvitamin capsules can be chosen as a supplement in addition to regular diet, onconsultation with a health practitioner.

A few such herbal vitamin supplements are mentioned below:

Wheat Grass vitaminsupplement – Is available in the form of capsules. Wheat grass is abeneficial nutritional supplement that improves energy levels, strengthensimmune system, reduces risks of cancer, and most of all, contains all nutrients,vitamins and minerals that is required by the body for good health.  Wheatgrass comprises of apigenin, chlorophylland agropyrene, in addition to flavonoids, Vitamins E, C, and A, magnesium,calcium, iron and amino acids.

Amla VitaminSupplements – Is available in the form of capsules and is made from freshpulp or juice of the Amalaki fruit. Amalakai is effective for respiratoryailments, and is high in Vitamin C and is a good antioxidant. It is a stomachicand is carminative. It is also used in ayurvedic preparations as anantipyretic, aphrodisiac, cardio-tonic, gastrointestinal tonic etc.

Aloe Vera herbalvitamin capsules – though available as capsules, each Aloe Vera capsulecontains Vitamin B, Vitamin C and amino acids. These capsules help in lymphaticand blood circulation enhancement, while also facilitating digestion. The AloeVera plant has been used for healing wounds and infection, and is a trulymedicinal plant with tremendous health benefits. Apart from healing skininjuries and wounds, it is orally taken as a supplement for arthritis,heartburn, asthma, rheumatism, lowers blood sugar, stomach ulcers, liverproblems, prostate problems, urinary tract infections, indigestion, hepatitis,and helps in general detoxification.

There are various such herbal vitamin supplements which areavailable in market, and can be safely taken on consultation with a doctor.There are various herbal vitamin supplements in the form of capsules or tonicfor all age groups that help in maintaining energy and health. Starting fromtonics that improve appetite, there are herbal vitamins which serve nutritive,rejuvenative, restorative and digestive purposes.

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