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Migraine patients may find relief in yoga

According to a new study, a combination of breathingexercises, yoga postures and relaxation may help reduce the intensity andfrequency of migraine attacks.

A group of Indian Researchers, led by Dr. P.J. John ofRajasthan University, Jaipur, studied seventy two migraine patients, dividedinto two groups. One group was given advice on pain management by preventingmigraine attacks through lifestyle changes and diet modification. The othergroup was given yoga therapy that included yoga postures, breathing exercises,meditation, and relaxation techniques. The participants had to practice onehour a day for five days a week, except during the migraine attack.

On completion of three months, there was an overallimprovement in the intensity and frequency of attacks among the yoga group,while the other group had no change in symptoms or experienced even worsesymptoms.

In addition to this, the pain relief also brought aboutimprovements in depression and anxiety symptoms, as gentle yoga postures andbreathing exercises are said to have a calming effect on the nervous system.Studies suggested that yoga could also help prevent chronic back pain and joinpain in arthritic patients.

Accodring to John’s team the study is the preliminaryevidence that indicates yoga therapy could be an effective migraine treatment,and more studies are required for confirmation of results.

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