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It is said that a clean mouth is a healthy mouth. Pleasantbreath, clean teeth and healthy gums all contribute to a beautiful smile. Badbreath is usually a sign of poor digestion, which is why cleaning the teeth orusing mouth gargles only relieves the problem temporarily. To permanentlyeliminate bad breath the eating habits or diet should be monitored. Fasting fora day, and then adopting a light, easily digestible diet can eliminate thisproblem.


Consuming aloe Vera gel, or ginger and lemon juice, alsohelps improve digestion. Rinsing the mouth with a decoction of mint, or chewingparsley or basil leaves can improve breath.



Healthy teeth are white, evenly spaced, level and clean.Unhealthy teeth are discolored, uneven, and are present in greater or less thanthe normal number.


Teeth problems occur due to poor diet or bad eating habits,tobacco, tea, coffee, sweet and sticky foods (sweets, chocolates, raisins) andvery cold or hot food can lead to discoloration or decay. Ayurveda emphasizeson cleaning the teeth twice daily, in the morning and evening.


After eating it is necessary to rinse and gargle to removefood particles that may be stuck between teeth. Eating hard, crunchy fruits andvegetables (Apples, carrots) is good for the teeth. For discolored teeth saltmixed with lime or lemon juice to brush the teeth. To ease toothache, apply acouple of drops of cinnamon or clove oil to the base of the aching tooth.



Healthy gums are red, regular, compact and hard whileunhealthy gums are spongy, dark red or very pale and may bleed.


Citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit, lemon, lime), guavas orpomegranates should be included in the diet to ensure healthy gums as thesefruits contain large quantities of vitamin C. Massaging the gums daily with amixture of salt, black pepper, turmeric and sesame oil is also beneficial.



The internal conditions of the digestive system is reflectedby the tongue. According to ayurveda the condition of coating on the tonguedetermines physical disorders that may be present while a mucus like coating onthe tongue demonstrates the presence of Ama (a toxic byproduct of poordigestion or improper eating habits).


Ayurvedic oral hygiene includes:

Cleaning the teeth and tongue daily with specially designed metaltongue scraper and gentle use of toothbrush.

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