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Coffee – a cupful of protection from Diabetes

Regular coffee drinkers are less likely to develop diabetes,suggest a study from University of Minnesota.The researchers who compared dataof more than 28000 post-menopausal women, noticed that those who consumed 2 to3 cups of coffee per day, through most of

their lives, were 22 percent at lower risk to develop thedisease than women who abstained from coffee drinking.The experts explain thatcertain minerals and compounds present in coffee beans may help enhance thesensitivity of insulin receptors and help the body process

blood sugar in a more efficient manner, lowering risk ofdiabetes by 22 percent, when consuming 2 to 3 cups everyday.Researchersconclude that coffee does prevent the onset of Diabetes, particularly in caseof Diabetes Type 2, acting as protective shield. Certain compounds present incoffee help in metabolizing sugar. However, decaffeinated coffee is what oneshould take. Moreover coffee should be taken only in moderation. Anything inexcess could prove counter-productive. For instance, excess coffee intake couldlead to headaches, poor concentration, nervousness, and irritability. Taking in

, helps one to have the advantage of preventingDiabetes.

Study conducted by Smith and colleagues, University ofCalifornia, San Diego, in her article titled ‘Coffee may protect againstdiabetes’ proves that past and current coffee drinkers are 60 percent lessprone towards developing Diabetes. This reduction was also noticed amongparticipants with impaired glucose tolerance levels.

Scientists in Vrije University, Amsterdam, reveal thatcomponents in coffee help body metabolize sugar, and hence reduce risk ofDiabetes.However, although recent research trends claim that coffee helpsprevent onset of Diabets, there are few who claim otherwise. But efforts are onto highlight the

benefits of caffeine, particularly so, in case of Diabetics.

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