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Home Remedies for Arthritis

Home remedies for arthritis include garlic, potato juice,rice bag, hot water bath, daily massage, etc. Arthritis has emerged as one ofthe main reasons of disability among the elder people. Initially, arthritiscommences with muscle and joint discomfort. There are different types ofarthritis like rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is causedwhen the joints are affected by the body’s immune system. The insufficient dietplays a vital role in causing arthritis which evidently hampers the body’sdynamism.

Arthritis is one of most common diseases from which, majorpopulation of the world is worst affected. The joints, muscles and cartilagesget swollen. The swelling leads to sever pain and discomfort. It is easy todiagnose arthritis. Its common symptoms are stiffness in joints, softnessaround the affected area and limited motion of the joints. Weak digestion,overeating, constipation and no physical activity are also few of the symptomsof arthritis. It is not just one problem but a complex disorder includinginnumerable ailments. The Arthritis Research Centre of Canada conducts researchon treatments of this disease.

Some of the potential symptoms of arthritis are:

Knee pain

Hand pain

Persistent joint pain

Swelling and stiffness

According to the Arthritis Research Institute of America,osteoarthritis often causes chronic pain and disability in elders. The regulartreatment for arthritis involves sacrifice of sedentary lifestyle, especiallyfor those who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Some of the mildexercises which are also advised include swimming, water aerobics and walkingso that the body’s dynamism can be boosted. The treatment also focuses onlistening to the body and slowing down when pain from a particular body part increases.Over exertion is prevented and innumerable medications are prescribed toprevent arthritis.

Home remedies for arthritis includes garlic, potato juice,make a rice bag, hot water bath, no emotional stress, daily massage, nosaturated fats and intake of omega 3. Before you consult your doctor try thesehome remedies for arthritis. They may be beneficial. These home remedies areexplained below:

Garlic: Garlic iswell known to treat arthritis since ages. It assuages swelling and tenderness.There are numerous methods to consume garlic. Cook your food in garlic paste.If you can’t do that then take the garlic pills available with your localchemist. Or just sprinkle a bit of garlic over your food. Ingesting garlic isvery effective in treating the pain of arthritis.

Potato Juice:Take out the potato juice and consume it. It is an excellent way to treatarthritis. This has been well trusted since ages. Include potatoes in yourdaily diet to help reduce the pain of the arthritis.

Make a Rice Bag:Take a sock fill it with rice and tie its loose end. Heat this in microwave anduse it as a heating pad. This is an economical heating pad. It helps a greatdeal in reducing the swelling and tenderness. It alleviates the pain quickly.

Hot Water Bath:It is the most simple and easy way to ease your arthritis pain and effects.Simply take a hot water bath or sit in a hot water tub. To make it moreeffective add some vinegar to the water for an effective bath. Hot waterrelaxes the muscles and joints and eases the pain. Some may feel that coldwater even relaxes them. They can sit in a cold water tub.

No Emotional Stress:Emotional stress is one the main causes of arthritis. You must try and keepyour self stress free. Practice yoga and meditation daily. Start with a fiveminutes session. And gradually take it to twenty to thirty minutes. Fortreating arthritis, the mind should be relaxed. Thus, it’s very important toput a halt to the emotional stresses.

Daily Massage:Take a daily body and hair massage. These massages help you relax and sootheyour mind and body. Massage helps in regulating the blood circulation of thebody which makes the body relax. Also it soothes the joints pain.

No Saturated Fats:The intake of saturated fats should be minimal. A pure vegetarian diet can helpyou avoid all the saturated fats. The saturated fats are found mainly in theanimal products.

Take Omega3: Eat lot of fish like herring, sardines andsalmon. These fishes are rich in Omega 3, which is quite effective in treatingthe pain of arthritis and even the tenderness caused due to it.

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