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Switch to Herbal/Green/Black tea to cut ovarian cancer risk


Drinking herbal tea helps decrease risk of ovarian cancer,reveals a recent study.

The Lead Researcher at the Institute of Medical Research,Queensland, Dr. Christina Nagle, said that the results of the study indicatedthat drinking more than four cups of black, green or herbal tea a day, canreduce the risk of ovarian cancer by nearly 30 percent.

Although the previous studies in animals, did suggest thattea could inhibit the growth of ovarian cancer cells, results of human studieswere inconsistent.

Nagle said that the findings suggest that antioxidants intea are beneficial in fighting cancer in humans.

The study included a survey conducted on approximately 2700Australian women (half with ovarian cancer and half without), wherein, eachthey were questioned about their lifestyle and diet, including tea-drinkinghabits.

Green tea is thought to be the healthiest kind of tea.Although the results did not show a strong link to green tea alone, with allthe evidence received so far from across the world, it is suggested thatdrinking one or more cups of green tea a day may reduce risk of developingovarian cancer by atleast 40 percent.

The study has been published in Cancer Causes Control.

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